Monday, April 23, 2012

Press Your Footstep Into My Blood

There's no special significance to this ominous sounding post title other than it came to me in a dream the other night.

Here's a page I finished recently that kicked my ass.

Crowd scenes are notoriously hard but I think I did everything in my power to make this as difficult as possible. I came up with a seating arrangement and inked every individual audience member with a #0 brush that is in serious need of replacement. Most of the work I did is probably not visible to the naked eye. The audience is mostly made up of characters from my other comics. If you squint, that's me in panel 3 at center, top row behind the pissed-off audience member.

Here's a Colleen Coover crowd cover I covet.

There's this great book  from the 70's about truckers that I've been looking at. The book is wonderfully written by Jane Stern. I drew Jean Sawyer, president of the National Women's Trucking Association. I also included her in the page above in the bottom right-hand corner.

I am so taken with this woman. I keep talking about all the comics I want to do whilst taking a gajillion years to do the one I'm working on, but I really want to do a comic based on Jean Sawyer. What little info I have on her is just too good to pass up.

Here's another spectacled woman.
So clearly what I need to do is go back in time, fly to Greece and go an a date with Nana Mouskouri so I can draw pictures of her all day in her natural habitat.

Surely there is an easier solution to my problem.

It's break-up season here in Alaska. That means we're ending our long term relationship with a cold, white omnipresence and entering a stage of mud and filth. If we can get through that without killing ourselves we will enter into an everlasting sunshine...