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  1. hello D.J. I never doubted for one second that you'd be doing well. I first must apologize for being a junkie shit head those years ago when you were my good friend. you once told me that if I opened the dictionary that our names where in there and there was also some correlation to darth vader if I'm not are one of the only people that I've known in my life that is genuinely good, you may be a little wacky but thats a bonus if anything. I am very sorry to have been such a shitty friend, this by the way is phil if you couldn't guess. I have a wife and a house in snohomish. I've also been off the shit for almost three years!!!!if you want to you could email me you would love my dogs, I have four. I would love to go and buy you a beverage sometime and shoot the shit. again I apologize for my previous smack addicty self and would at least like to get you a cup of coffee. I am very glad to see you've been working.. see ya around... good luck!!!

  2. note from former box 165, the Evelyn Dalton-Hoyt story reminds me of the Cars song, 'Drive'. Consider finishing this story with Henry coming to terms with his self and with Evelyn and then planning and executing his exit stage right....

    Who's gonna tell you when,
    It's too late,
    Who's gonna tell you things,
    Aren't so great.

    You can't go on, thinkin',
    Nothings' wrong, but bye,
    Who's gonna drive you home,

    Who's gonna pick you up,
    When You fall?
    Who's gonna hang it up,
    When you call?

    Who's gonna pay attention,
    To your dreams?
    And who's gonna plug their ears,
    When you scream?

    You can't go on, thinkin'
    Nothings wrong, but bye,
    (who's gonna drive you)
    (who's gonna drive you)
    Who's gonna drive you home, tonight?
    (who's gonna drive you home)

    Who's gonna hold you down,
    When you shake?
    Who's gonna come around,
    When you break?

    Oh, you know you can't go on, thinkin',
    Nothin's wrong,
    (Who's gonna drive you)
    (Who's gonna drive you home)
    Who's gonna drive you home, tonight?

    1. Hey James! Great to hear from you!

      I posted the final page of Evelyn Dalton-Hoyt above just for you. The ending is fairly ambiguous, although it strongly suggests that something horrible has happened. I like your idea of how things could have ended on a positive note- I think that Cars song perfectly illustrates that idea. I've been trying to work a little more positivity into my stories- both because I think it's important to give readers some sense of hope, but also for my own sanity!

      I was going through a very dark period when I wrote Evelyn Dalton-Hoyt and couldn't write a positive ending- but I didn't think it would be right to go entirely the other direction either. The ambiguous ending felt the most right at that time. But I like the idea that maybe Henry and Evelyn could have worked things out. Who knows...

  3. I don't see any way for them to have ever worked things out. I could see where Henry could come to terms with his self and her self and then make a clean break. For Evelyn, I could only see her eventually doing what your ending suggests (to me): suicide. The only thing preventing her from it (for me) was to use Henry (while he is still 'bonded' to her) as a substitute for her hatred of her self...

    You have definite talent. The ?scissor-hold? she uses as a headlock on him looks somehow quite natural, appropriate to the situation and yet hilarious all at the same time. Thanks for your email address....