Monday, February 20, 2012


This panel is from my upcoming adaptation of Kirby's adaptation of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Actually, it's from a comic I'm working on called Emordana: Or the Inflection of Nothing on the Visual Cortex. Here's another page from the same comic.

And here's Kirby's 2001 comic that introduces Machine Man. I always thought that was the weirdest comic book spin-off.

Can you imagine what a Kubrick version of Machine Man would be like? Wouldn't that make a great comic? You could have all these futuristic Kubrick cars in the background.

The top car is a Probe 16, called the Durango 95 in the film. The car in the second row is a Fiat Abarth 2000 and didn't quite make the cut of A Clockwork Orange. And the bottom car was designed by Fred Ordway who designed all the ships in 2001. It also ended up on the cutting room floor for that film.

I just got back from a big snow machine trip up to a cabin off the Yetna river. Y'know, doing manly stuff like choppin' wood. (I can't chop wood for shit. How about you?) I brought some manhua to read. Going out there is a good way to clear your head. Get's you pumped for the drawing board. It's like Bukowski going to the horse races or something.

Just the other day I was reading an old Steelgrip Starkey comic that takes place in Alaska. It's weird to see a comic set in Alaska that's not completely generic with details.

That airport is actually pretty close to what the Anchorage airport looked like in the 80's. Also, I like this crazy tree house.

Steelgrip Starkey is this weird comic from the 80's about a superhero construction worker. It even includes a fictional brochure for Starkey's construction company. It was drawn by Alan Weiss, who did did a few Avengers comics in the 70s and also some Tom Strong stories for Alan Moore. He's a detail oriented artist who was not terribly prolific (kinda' like me).

Here's a random picture from the Bro Haven.

And a painting my brother did.

Los Bros Bryant forever, holmes.


  1. Man, I love those cars.
    That Steelgrip Starkey stuff looks good. So, does he fight with a screwdriver and a hammer!? That is brutal.

    1. He's not neccesarily a crime fighter. He uses the "all purpose power tool" to make crazy buildings in seconds. I guess the concept is that he would go around the world making futuristic buildings and getting into adventures. Fairly unusual idea for a comic.