Friday, July 19, 2013

Naked Ladies And So Forth

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

Here's a page from a two-page comic I did for Robin Bougie's  Cinema Sewer book 4.

The book ships next month. You can order it here:

It's sports a pretty sweet cover by Vince Ruarus.

Here's his website:

Quite some time back I drew a couple other comics for Cinema Sewer. One was about a guy who spent his time debunking nude photos of celebrities on the internet. Here's a couple pages from that.

The mug Gillian Anderson is holding makes regular appearances in my comics. The script had originally called for 'Trixy' to be some doofy guy living in his basement. I felt like such a person was too obvious a target- we already had Ed- and that it'd be funnier to make his nemesis a swanky Hugh Hefner type guy.
Here's another one I drew about porno westerns.

When it comes to my comics (anything I draw really) I'm a stickler for research. I'd never seen any of these films - never rented a porno movie. My ex and I went into nearly every sleazy establishment in Seattle trying to hunt these things down. These places were unbelievable. One place was just a guy in a room in a shitty building with stacks and stacks of porno movies and magazines on the floor. Another place was like a video store from my childhood- all those giant colorful boxes- except they were pornos instead of cartoons. I always thought it was weird that cartoons and porno movies had similar video boxes. There must be some reason for that. That place didn't have the films I was looking for but I did manage to walk out with a copy of Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs. Weird huh? And the smell of those places... They smelled like urine and masturbation.

I only found a few of the movies and the ones I saw were pretty god-awful. I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to watch  something like The Winter of 1849 for any reason whatsoever. Although I did get a kick out of drawing these worthless things with extra-loving care and precision. The older films were better. Russ Meyer's film was far and away the best, although it was a pretty crappy Russ Meyer film. In terms of craftsmanship, however, I will say that that movie is a textbook lesson in minimalistic storytelling. Almost the entire thing is told with close-ups and sound effects. It's worth checking out for that reason alone.

At the time I drew these things I hadn't yet drawn what I would consider a " really good" comic and  I was hungry to make a masterpiece so I poured everything I had into these comics. As a result they were a little overblown for the material they offered. For example, there was really no reason to have a panel dedicated to "The End" of Ride 'Em Cowgirl. I just thought it was a fitting image to close things with.


Seattle's been treating me good. When you're a pop culture junkie who gets around on a bicycle and you've been living in the woods for a while- you appreciate the perks of an urban environment.


  1. These pages look great! I will have to pick up the new cinema sewer!

  2. Saddletramp was the first porn I saw as a kid. I remember you could see cars driving on the road outside the window in one part.

    eric e.

    1. Ha! That's great. Childhood memories..

      Saddletramp was one of the films I couldn't track down so I have no idea if my illustration relates to it or not. One thing I just noticed is that Peter North seems way excited about that lactation but he's also totally flaccid. I guess his excitement is more intellectual?

      I remember I went to a convention and there was a guy who'd seen every film in this comic and he was going on and on about all the porn he likes to watch. My adoring public.